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Kumo Signature Dish

Served with Steamed White Rice (Brown rice or fried rice $1 extra)

H1.Crispy Shredded Beef     $19.00

Shredded beef properly fried to crispy,sauteed w.celery,carrots,and peppers in a special sweet & sour sesame sauce

H2.Thai Mango Chicken or Shrimp     $17/18

H3.General Tso’s or Orange Flavor Chicken    $17.00

H4.Orange Flavor or Sesame Beef     $19.00

Crispy shredded beef sauteed pepper and orange peels in a delicious sauce,served with broccoli

H5.Sesame Chicken     $17.00

H6.General Tso’s Shrimp or Orange Flavor Shrimp    $18.00

Hot ! Jumbo shrimp deep fried then sauteed in chef’s special sauce

H7.Salt & Pepper Shrimp     $18.00

Jumbo shrimp lightly fried to golden brown,then dry cooked with salt & pepper,jalapeno & scallion

H8.Grand Marnier Shrimp     $18.00/span>

Crispy prawn coated with house special grand marnier fruit sauce

H9.Hunan Triple Crown     $18.00

Jumbo shrimp,tender beef and white meat chicken sauteed with garden vegetables in chef’s special Hunan sauce

H10.Hot & Spicy Chicken or Beef     $17/18

White meat chicken or shredded beef sauteed with green and red peppers & onions in chef’s special hot pepper sauce

H11.Seafood Combination     $19.00

Jumbo shrimp,fresh scallop,squid and vegetables in white sauce

H12.Happy Family     $19.00

Scallops,shrimp,beef,chicken,pork & vegetables in chef’s special brown sauce

H13.Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab    $28

Soft shell crab lightly fried to golden brown then dry cooked with salt,black pepper & jalapeno pepper & scallion


Thai & Chinese Entrees    

Served with steamed white rice (Brown Rice or Fried Rice $1 extra)

Chicken w.Broccoli     $14.00

Chicken Hunan Style     $14.00

Thai Basil Chicken     $14.50

Lemongrass Chicken    $14.50

Thai Curry Chicken     $14.50

Chicken in Garlic Sauce     $14.00

Chicken w.Mixed Veg    $14.00

Sweet &Sour Chicken      $14.00

Chicken in Black Bean Sauce    $14.00

Kung Pao Chicken     $14.50

Vegetable Delight     $12.75

Bean Curd in Garlic Sauce    $12.75

Bean Curd w.Mixed Veg.    $12.75

Bean Curd Szechuan Style    $12.75

Beef w.Broccoli    $14.50

Beef Hunan Style     $14.50

Thai Basil Beef     $14.50

Lemongrass Beef     $14.50

Beef in Garlic Sauce    $14.50

Beef in Black Bean Sauce     $14.50

Beef w.Mixed vegetables    $14.50

Jumbo Shrimp w.Broccoli     $14.50

Shrimp Hunan Style    $14.50

Thai Basil Shrimp     $15.00

Lemongrass Shrimp     $15.00

Thai Curry Shrimp     $14.50

Jumbo Shrimp in Garlic Sauce     $14.50

Shrimp w.Mixed Veg     $14.50