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Rolls and Hand Rolls

Tuna Roll    $7.50

Salmon Roll    $7.50

Tuna Avocado Roll    $8.00

Salmon Avocado Roll    $8.00

Spicy Salmon Roll     $8.00

Yellowtail Roll    $7.00

Spicy Tuna Roll    $8.00

Black Pepper Tuna Roll    $7.50

Spicy Yellowtail Roll     $8.00

Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll    $8.00

California Roll    $7.50

Alaskan Roll    $8.00

Salmon, avocado & cucumber

Boston Roll    $7.50

Steamed shrimp, lettuce, mayonnaise

Philadelphia Roll    $8.00

Smoked salmon,cream cheese &cucumbers

Eel Cucumber/Avocado Roll    $8.00

Salmon Skin Roll     $7.00

Cucumber Roll    $5.50

Avocado Roll    $5.50

Oshinko Roll    $5.50

Japanese pickled radish

Kampyo Roll    $5.50

Japanese gourd

Shitake Roll    $5.50

Sweet Potato Roll    $7.00

Vegetable Roll(5 pcs)  $8.00

Carrot, oshinko, asparagus, radish,  seaweed salad, cucumber and avocado

Futo Maki (5 pcs)      $7.50

Shrimp Tempura Roll (8 pcs)    $11.00

Spider Roll (5 pcs)    $13.00

Fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber  topped w. caviar & eel sauce

Rainbow Roll    $14.50

California roll inside,assorted raw fish on top

Dragon Roll    $15.00

Eel cucumber inside,avocado & tobiko on top w.eel sauce

Salmon Tempura Roll     $12.00

Salmon,avocado,cucumber w. eel sauce on top


Kumos Special Rolls

Angry Dragon Roll     $19.00

Spicy tuna,papaya,shrimp tempura inside paper,spicy snow crab outside and chef’s special sauce

Tiffany Roll    $13.00

Deep fried California roll topped w. spicy mayo & caviar

Godzilla Roll    $15.00

Deep fried spicy tuna & avocado topped w.eel sauce,caviar & scallions

Mount Fuji Roll    $15.00

California roll topped w.spicy tuna & tempura crunch & tobiko

Volcano Roll    $16.00

Spicy tuna & crunchy topped w.avocado

King Crab Roll     $22.00

King crab leg & avocado,rice seasoning,wrapped w/soy paper,spicy mayo,tobiko & caviar on top

New York Roll     $15.00

Spicy yellowtail & crunchy topped w.spicy tuna & crunchy

Rainbow Naruto    $17.00

Tuna,salmon,white fish,yellowtail,crab meat & avocado wrapped in cucumber & ikura

Herndon Roll    $17.00

Spicy tuna & crunchy topped w.tuna,salmon,yellowtail,white fish,spicy mayo & tobiko

Lobster Tempura Roll    $17.00

Deep fried lobster,caviar,cucumber,lettuce & avocado

Yummy Roll    $16.00

2pcs shrimp tempura topped w. spicy tuna  & eel sauce, crunch

Super White Roll    $16.00

Spicy escolar & crunch, topped w. sliced  escolar & spicy mayo, black tobiko, crunch

Crazy Salmon Roll    $17.00

Spicy salmon & crunch topped w. fresh salmon & wasabi tobiko and spicy mayo

Crazy Tuna Roll    $18.00

Spicy tuna & ternpura crunch topped pepper tuna w.wasabi mayo & wasabi bean powder

Sweet Heart Roll    $17.00

Spicy lobster & crunchy topped w.tuna,tempura crunch & wasabi mayo

Thai Spicy Roll    $17.00

Shrimp tempura, cilantro, spicy kani, cucumber w. soybean paper topped w. Jalapeño & sriracha sauce.

Red & Black Roll    $16.00

Tuna avocado inside, red & black tobiko outside with chilli oil and crunchy garlic sauce on top

Black Dragon Roll    $17.00

Shrimp tempura inside, topped with eel, avocado, tobiko and eel sauce

Tricolor Roll    $17.00

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail & avocado wrapped w. soybean paper w. spicy mayo

Fantasy Roll    $18.00

2 pcs shrimp tempura,eel,avocado,cream cheese & caviar wrapped w.fine seaweed w.eel sauce

Mermaid Roll    $20.00

Fried soft shell crab,crab meat tempura,mango inside with avocado,spicy lobster on top

Cindy’s Roll    $18.00

Tuna,salmon,yellowtail,asparagus inside with tuna,salmon & chef’s Special sauce on top

Dancing Dragon Roll    $18.00

Spicy tuna and shrimp tempura inside with avocado, spicy kani, eel sauce on top


Kumo’s Specialty Rolls

Fried Spicy Tuna Gyoza (Appetizer, 6pcs)     $16.00

Deep Fried spicy tuna wrapped with wonton skin with Chef’s Special avocado creamy sauce on top.

Pokemon Roll     $20

Rock shrimp tempura inside,topped with spicy lobster,spicy mayo and red tobiko.

Pacific Roll     $20

Jalapeno and lobster salad inside,wrapped with soybean nori,topped with tuna,salmon,black tobiko,and spicy mayo.

Kaiju Roll     $20

Shrimp tempura and avocado inside,topped with lobster salad and seaweed pepper tuna,served with eel sauce and spicy mayo.

North King Roll    $20

King crab and avocado in a roll (deep fried),topped with spicy tuna,served with chef’s special sauce.

2016 Roll    $20

Shrimp tempura and asparagus inside,topped with unagi (eel) and eel sauce.

Amigos Roll    $18

Sliced black pepper tuna,asparagus,jalapeno,and cilantro inside with avocado,tempura crunch,chill and red tobiko on top.

2011 Roll    $18

Spicy tuna shrimp tempura inside,wrapped with seaweed and topped with salmon,eel,and avocado.

Monster Roll    $20

Shrimp tempura,lobster salad inside,wrapped with soybean paper,topped with spicy salmon,avocado and four types of caviar.

Red Bull Roll    $22

Lobster tempura ,avocado,and asparagus inside with seared Filet Mignon,topped with a thin slice of jalapeno and ikura.

Dancing Dragon Roll    $18

Spicy tuna and Shrimp tempura inside with avocado, spicy kani on top.

Amazing Sandwich    $16

Spicy tuna,eel,and avocado inside,wrapped with soybean seaweed,with Chef’s special sauce and tobiko on top.

Salmon Tempura Roll    $11.00

Salmon tempura,avocado,cucumber,lettuce,and mayo inside,with caviar and eel sauce on top.

Kumo Roll    $18

Eel cucumber inside,topped with tuna,salmon,avocado,caviar,and eel sauce.

Hot Girls Roll    $18

Spicy tuna,spicy salmon,and spicy yellowtail inside with tuna,salmon,yellowtail and caviar on top.

Incredible Hulk Roll    $17

Spicy tuna,cream cheese inside,deep fried with spicy crabmeat and seaweed on top.

Misty Roll     $18

Cream Cheese,tempura crunch,and spicy crab inside,with spicy tuna,eel sauce,eel sauce and spicy mayo outside.

Erin’s Roll    $17

Tuna and avocado inside,with fresh salmon and a thin slice of lemon on top.


*Some food items in this menu may contain raw or undercooked items. Consuming raw or undercooked meats,poultry,seafood,shellfish,or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness.


We can alter the recipe of any roll to better suit your taste or specialized diet.